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The infographic below states the actual reason why companies fail at growth.

  • They don’t focus on retention first
  • They don’t run experiments
  • They subscribe to “product is everything” mantra
  • They don’t dig in and learn
  • They search for a silver bullet
  • They don’t double down
  • They don’t focus
  • They don’t delicate the right resources towards growth
  • They don’t invest enough in data and analytics
  • They don’t change and adapt

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If you’re looking for the best marketing books for beginners in 2021, bookmark this article now, because we’ve got a list of 50 to get you started.

Did you know that most CEOs read approximately 60 books a year? That’s about 4–5 books a month. Yet, according to the Pew Research Center, the average person in the United States reads 12 books a year.

Why are leaders and executives reading exponentially more?

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The infographic below states the 12 reasons to unplug from your hectic work over the weekend.

  • It makes you more productive
  • Your performance ratings will improve
  • Long hours can double the chances of a major depression episode
  • It significantly improves memory
  • It helps you become a better problem solver
  • A vacation is a temporary solution
  • A change of scene makes you improve creativity
  • Work is the #1 cause of sleep loss
  • Extra days of working means extra stress
  • Too much screen time causes serious eye problems
  • Stress from work affects your personal relationships
  • Too much work can kill you, literally.

Hi, it’s Larry.

This is exciting. We’re ready to start rolling out Instagram Tools on the MobileMonkey messaging automation platform

You’re invited to be one of the first marketers in the world to get your hands on these unicorn level tools:

  • Manage Instagram DMs (direct messages) from the OmniChatⓇ Inbox.
  • Instagram live chat support tools.
  • Automation tools for comments, mentions, Instagram Stories, welcome messages, and a whole lot more…

Here’s what to do:

✅ Step 1: Create a Free Forever MobileMonkey account. Lock in advanced chat marketing tools for $0/month forever.

✅ Step 2: Sign up for the MobileMonkey Instagram…

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The infographic below shows the habits of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Set Working Hours
  • Unplug When You’re Not Working
  • Schedule One Admin Day Per Week
  • Take At Least One Day Off Per Week
  • Schedule Social & Family Time
  • Schedule Meal Times
  • Have a Dedicated Work Space
  • Cross One Item Off Your To Do List Without Doing It
  • Adjust & Readjust

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Tips When Creating Engaging Emails:

The infographic below provides a list of things on how you can create and engaging emails.

  • Keep it 90/10
  • Create an Engaging Subject Line
  • Prioritize Your CTA’s
  • Keep It Short And To The Point
  • Use Proper Alt Text
  • Make Unsubscribing Easy
  • Don’t Create Spammy Sender Info
  • Create A Photo Connection
  • Test Before You Send
  • Create A Topic

What’s one-day long, 100% interactive, and all about dominating with Instagram in 2021?

Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition, of course.

And this summit is focused on helping you to improve your brand and business using Instagram, going live Wednesday, February 24.

From the opening keynote with Anne Handley of MarketingProfs, through the dozens of breakout sessions and virtual networking opportunities, to the closing keynote by “Instagram for Business for Dummies 2.0” author Jenn Herman, Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition is going to fill your mind and nourish your creativity.

(I’m speaking about Instagram ad hacks, too!)

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Throughout the conference, you’ll…

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The infographic below states the 9 effective ways to motivate your remote team for success.

  • Define Clear Expectations and Establish Ground Rules
  • Create Social Space For A Team To Get To Know Each Other
  • Offer Opportunities For Professional Development
  • Keep Staff Informed of the Organization’s Goals, Vision,and Progress
  • Be Flexible About Working Hours
  • Have Individual Progress Meeting Every Month
  • Measure Productivity By Results Rather Than Time
  • Use Technology To Improve Team Communication
  • Take An Interest In Employees Work Environment

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The infographic below shows the 5 steps for a successful startup.

  • You have 60 seconds to pitch your idea
  • Teams form around top ideas by popular vote
  • Then it’s 54 hours of business creation, designing and coding, and market validation
  • Teams present to panel of judges
  • Winners receive prizes

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The infographic below discusses the things that contributes to the failure of a startup business.

  • Build what you think people want even if it is not
  • Don’t listen to your users
  • Fight with co-founders endlessly
  • Try to do everything yourself
  • Run out of money before becoming profitable
  • Burn out from overworking
  • Hype up your startup, but don’t improve the product
  • Scale before you figure out what your product is
  • Create bot users to fake growth
  • Raise so much money that you can’t show growth in the next round
  • Don’t use your own product
  • Hire more people just to show you are growing

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