Instagram is a great marketing tool, but it isn’t without its flaws. Instagram has an algorithm that ensures posts are shown to the same people over and over again, making exposure difficult for businesses with more than 100 followers. Instagram hashtags are used for discovery, but Instagram doesn’t allow them to be clickable or easily searchable. Instagram posts don’t link back to your website, making it harder to track traffic. Instagram doesn’t have built-in analytics for users or brands that are actively engaging on the platform.

So how can you get around this?

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The Biggest Problem With Instagram Marketing, And How You Can Fix It

Larry Kim,

Founder & CEO, MobileMonkey, Inc.

What would you do to have a never-ending pipeline of your best leads on speed dial?

Or better yet, just a quick text message away.

Turns out, customers want that, too.

Customers overwhelmingly would rather communicate with brands via text than anywhere else.

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Larry Kim,

Founder & CEO, MobileMonkey, Inc.

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When Facebook was down for 6 hours, businesses across the globe lost $240K by estimates. Were you one of them?

News flash: You’re no slave!

When you take an omnichannel approach and focus on growing lists that you OWN (hello, email and SMS contacts) you can reach your leads and customers. ON. DEMAND.

OmniChat is the answer. Drive your Instagram and Facebook contacts into your email and SMS capture funnels with OmniChat.

See what I’m talking about: 10 Instant SMS Marketing Examples to Stay in Touch with Customers via Text

The infographic below shows the top 10 business strategies from self-made millionaires.

  • Think bigger and begin with a memorable end in mind
  • Develop a business from what you know and love to do
  • Set purposeful goals and take full control of your destiny
  • Take calculated risks and persevere through failures
  • Maintain a thirst for knowledge and be a lifelong learner
  • Develop effective listening and questioning skills
  • Develop relationships with like-minded and smart people
  • Be more innovative and embrace change
  • Stay in control of your financial destiny
  • Enjoy the journey as much as possible

Larry Kim

CEO of MobileMonkey. Founder of WordStream. Top columnist @Inc ❤️ AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups & Venture Capital 🦄

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