Free Online Conference: Chat Marketing 2019!

Launch chatbots.
Break records.

Free, Live, Online. December 12, 2019.

The future of customer communication is here.

This is not an FYI.

It’s DO OR DIE in the new era of customer communication.

75% of your customers prefer to text or chat with businesses.

Businesses must meet customers in the chat apps where they are right now.

It’s go time.

December 12 is your chance to immerse yourself in the next generation of customer communication technologies enabling your business to break barriers:

Chat automation for customer support, marketing and sales.

Reserve your seats now!


Speakers and Session:


Top 5 Future Trends in Customer Communication: Multi-Channel, Chat & Beyond

Wake up to the future of customer communication. Around the world, people chat and text more than they use any other communication channel. SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, iMessage — more time is spent in chat apps than social media, email, and on the phone. Yet less than 1% of businesses are equipped to automatically connect with customers in chat. Understand the immediately actionable applications for chatbots in customer care, marketing and sales. This keynote reveals the big picture of how customer communication technology is evolving in 2020 and beyond so you can bring your business into the automated chat future.


​One Bot Builder to Rule Them All: The “Build-Once, Works-Everywhere” OmniChat Solution

Chatbot development technology today is expanding the possibilities of what’s possible for businesses. This latest tech break-through makes chatbots accessible to all businesses and all consumers, on many popular chat interfaces. Instead of building separate chatbots for each chat channel, businesses can build a bot once that works on many of the chat applications your customers are already using. How is this possible? This in-depth demo should not be missed.


​Connecting the Entire Organization with Chat Automation Business Tools

Automated chat for customer communication is a cross-functional initiative. Chatbots for customer support. Chatbots that transfer conversations to live agents. Chatbots that field sales inquiries and trigger hot lead notifications in email, desktop apps, and on-the-go mobile apps. This session introduces the business tools and strategies that seamlessly connect multiple teams with fully integrated chat automation solutions. Learn the tools upon which you will build the future of your customer communication.


​How to SMS Blast Like a Master Blaster: From Opt-In to Elite Engagement

Ready to enter the world of text message marketing? 75% of millennials say they want to receive helpful text message updates from brands they do business with. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the ultimate mobile marketing tactic: SMS blasting. Through this session you will understand the process of obtaining opt-in permissions, regulations around text messaging, and the secrets to highly engaging text message marketing that drives revenue and customer engagement.


​Future of Digital Agencies: How to Update B2C, Ecommerce & B2B Marketing Playbooks for 2020

The radical, global communication shift to chat platforms affects agency marketers, agency owners, and marketing consultants in an acute way. It is not only one business that you are trusted to update in capabilities and technologies. You may be the trusted marketing and communications expert for many brands spanning multiple vertical industries. Hear from two agency owners who have been successfully upgrading brands to chat automation for over 3 years, and scaling their agency as a result.




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